7:30 BELLS: After Great Wind, Stars on the Grass

April weather in Puget Sound is as capricious as a blackjack wheel. We’ve had ferocious rain, tree-toppling winds, and days when glorious sun teases of summer then plunges back to winter.

Changing weather and seasons inspire me with the strength and boldness of their strong opinions. They are who they are. They have no fear of the ever-changing nature of life.

This morning I stepped outside to see if it was warm enough to write outside. I saw that last night’s wind had stripped the tree of its cherry blossoms. I grieved the loss. 

Aren’t the cherry blossoms evanescent enough without the wind hurrying them along?

Then I looked down at the lawn. The cherry blossoms shone like fallen stars on the grass. How bereft they must have felt to be torn from their fellow blossoms on the branch. How surprised to find themselves neighbors of strange blossoms, blossoms blown from branches far enough away to be foreign countries.

Like many of us uprooted by a force beyond our control—such as losing a loved one, a job, a way of life, or a long-held dream—the cherry blossoms have to learn a new way to be in the new world they now find themselves in. It isn’t easy. But how splendid, what an adventure, to live on the grass when you have spent all your life on a tree.

After a great wind, new wonders present themselves, if we have imaginations flexible enough to see them. We must find the strength to let go of our old ways of being, the strength to accept some discomfort. Most of all, we must dare to live as boldly as the ever-changing weather and seasons. To be who we are becoming.

After great wind, 
new bells ring

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