7:30 BELLS: Live in the Leap--The Bells of Choosing

In Tumwater Falls Park, this great boulder lodged in a river, divides the river. And how beautiful the boulder is, how fine and wet with spray! The obstacles in our lives can be beautiful. Sometimes boulders spring up out of nowhere, and the river drives us toward them. But sometimes our spirit or subconscious presents obstacles on purpose to get us to shake up our lives. To get us back into life’s river when we have hesitated too long.

We fear boulders because they can capsize us. Three terrifying times, I’ve found myself thrown from a canoe into the river’s shocking strength. But I think our biggest fear is not drowning, but making the wrong choice. Even if you see a boulder looming ahead, you may have only seconds to choose whether to paddle left or right. So we freeze, abandon the river altogether, and cling to the boulder.

And there we sit, deluded that we are safe. But not making a choice is just another form of choosing, a stagnant and dangerous one because we’ve stepped out of life’s river. I have learned that the bells never ring when I cling to the boulder. I stop being alive.

We can try to make a wise choice by looking to see which way others have gone before us. But the solution is not always as simple as choosing the road either less or more travelled by. How much better to be like a knights in the grail legend--avoid paths and instead plunge into the forest to blaze our own path?

We can’t foresee the outcome of the path we finally choose to take around the boulder. All we know is that life changes, changes, changes, ever shifting like the river, if we are to remain alive. So paddle left, or right, but paddle hard. All we really need to know is that life is in the leap.

Live in the Leap,
and the bells will ring

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