7:30 BELLS: The Bells of Witness

On Saturday, high in the mountain town of Leavenworth, Washington, the bells rang for me during my book signing at A Book for All Seasons. My best book signing ever. Why? Because I had the privilege to witness something wonderful.

Three sisters came into the store. The littlest was about six, the middle one about eleven, the oldest about fourteen. I chatted with the middle sister about my book Eva of the Farm. She decided she wanted to read it. Then her little sister held up a book and cried, “but I want this one!”

The middle sister hesitated. I guessed she had only enough money to buy one book or the other. She put Eva of the Farm back on the table. “Maybe my library will get it,” she said. And she bought the book her little sister wanted.

How lovely this was! I said, “You are such a good sister.” After the girls left, I told one of the bookstore staff who had witnessed this too, that I’d never cried at a book signing before.

The story gets better.

Ten minutes later, a woman came in and asked if we had seen three girls. She turned out to be their mother.  The family lives in Leavenworth. The staff member and I told her about the wonderful thing her daughter had done. The mother—both proud and a little surprised herself—bought a copy of Eva of the Farm for her daughter.

I was thrilled to inscribe the book with the middle sister’s name and added, “for the best sister in the world.”

Witnessing this act of compassion and selflessness from someone so young gave me hope. If girls like the middle sister grow up to run the world, our future will be beautiful.

Thanks again to owner Pat Rutledge and all the staff for inviting to me to A Book For All Seasons for the best book signing ever.

Witnessing acts of love makes the bells ring

703 Hwy 2, Leavenworth