7:30 BELLS: Forest Doorway—When to Trust Change

 See the narrow doorway opening in the green wood? See the bright leaf-path swirling up to the door? The doorway is dark, what waits across the threshold unknown.

When change beckons us, we often don’t know what shape it will take in our lives. We can’t see past the doorway and so fear to step inside. But when all the signs feel right—the woods, the shining leaf stepping stones, the vitality of the ringing green—you can trust such a doorway, because you can trust such a path. You have taken the right steps to arrive here, followed the right process. So seize the moment of light and enter before the doorway closes.

Or maybe the path is the footprints of light left by someone who has already stepped inside the doorway.  Someone, perhaps, who doesn’t even know that yet.  Maybe that someone is you.

Trust steps of light 
that lead to unknown places, 
and the bells will ring

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