7:30 BELLS: Starfall on Waterfall

At night, I sit outside ringing at the wonder of this waterfall in a friend’s yard. Sunlight collected by solar panels shines on the dark water. What does the sunlight think, finding itself shining again in darkness? Is it like coming home again? Being reborn? After all, sunlight is born from a burning ball in this immense, dark universe.

The play of light on the water enchants me—watch the video. What is the light that falls, and what is the light that rises? What is the darkness that falls, and what the darkness that rises? I don’t know. 

I only know that now, a week from the winter solstice, I am wild for light, any light. I feel like an immense dark universe. I take courage from the sun illuminating this night waterfall. Here is the sun’s chance to make something else a star. How can I capture whatever light I hold and shine it back onto the world? How can I be starfall on a waterfall?

Ring out, bells, ring!

Happy Solstice to all.

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