7:30 BELLS:Carillion Bells of Past, Present, and Future

When I passed this blooming cherry tree yesterday, a bright February day, my first thought was, “It’s coming!” Spring, of course. Hope and anticipation, those age old Spring feelings, surged through me.

Then I thought, “the joy is now.” Here was this glorious tree in front of me, right now. What a miracle to be well enough in body simply to take a walk on a beautiful day and see the world. To be well enough in mind, unburdened by worry, to notice the blooming tree. My joy also came from comparing this moment to past times when I haven’t been well enough, or unburdened enough, simply to walk.

To be able to walk on a beautiful day is a simple gift, a great gift.

And so the joy of this moment was made by the simultaneous ringing of the bells of the past, the present, and the future. That’s what I think of as being fully alive to life.

Happy Spring.

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