730 BELLS: Revelation Spring

Every year I wait for it, counting the days until spring. Spring with its new beginnings. It’s new life. Green waking up the world and waking up me after the long winter of darkness. But this spring is more tantalizing than ever because I’m witnessing it in the country—on three riverside acres that is our new home.

Everything here is a revelation. I don’t know what bulbs are working toward the light. Don’t know which tree or bush will leaf and bloom next. Even the light is different. I now have a vast view of the sky. For the first time I saw the full moon rise in the west while the evening star glimmered down into the fir trees west of the river.

Not only spring, but all the first year will ring with revelations. What birds will come? What will the river look like at high summer dusk? How will the raspberries taste? What colors will autumn paint? How many squirrels will raid the walnut tree? 

And what kind of creative work will this place inspire? What ideas? What kind of life will it guide me to?

I can’t wait to find out.

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