7:30 BELLS: Make Sparks fly up from Obstacles in Your Path

In late afternoon, when the light slants on a big boulder just under the river, the flowing water turns molten--like a stream of black glass. Sparks fly up, as though fireflies dance on the black glass. This made the bells ring for me not only because it was beautiful sight, but also because of my recent reading about consciousness and unconsciousness.

Our conscious mind is only the tip of the iceberg. Without our knowing, our unconscious mind makes many decisions for us. (Hardly surprising, I suppose as consciousness is the new kid on the block. Like the body, the psyche also has an evolutionary history.) So the more we can make conscious, the more we can understand about our whole self, the better off we will be.

So how do we make more of our mind conscious? There are many ways, art, dreams, meditation, but the afternoon slant of light on the river suggests one clue. The river is like our unconscious, dark, ever-flowing, submerged. Only when the river bumps over the boulder--the obstacle in its path--does the water turn molten black and create sparks of light on top. 

Could the same be true for us? Does our collision with the obstacles in our lives bring more to light, more to consciousness? Does it help us understand more about ourselves, others, and our world?

The next time you encounter a boulder in your path, perhaps it's an opportunity for discovery. Make the sparks fly up from whatever impedes you.

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