730 BELLS: The Blue Bells of Morning: Embrace What You Love Now

Chicory. Yes, it’s definitely a coffee substitute. Especially if you wake up to it blooming blue in your meadow. These flowers only bloom in the morning.

I, however, am not a morning person. I’m not usually awake enough to think about bells in the morning. But when I walk out to greet the chicory in the meadow, the brilliant blue joy of them rings me wide awake. It’s better than coffee.

Last month I wrote about the daisies in the meadow—luminous and mysterious by moonlight, bold and daring by sunlight. As everything here on the river is new to me, I didn’t know the daisies wouldn’t bloom all summer. When their season passed, I mourned.

Then—what consolation!—the chicory bloomed. So now, with no clue as to the length of their season, I take care to greet them each morning. Whatever you may value—flowers, people, strength, a creative fire--embrace it while it’s here.

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