7:30 BELLS: Crystal Heart

Sometimes the joy of being alive is simple, so simple, just these: mountains, sun, time with someone you love. Such was this day I spent with my husband on Crystal Mountain in the Cascades.

Up and up we rode the heart-stopping gondola--a staggering 6,800 feet--to a view ringed with mountains. It was like standing inside an immense crown. To the west, shown the crown jewel of Mt. Rainier (pictured). To the south glimmered Mt. Adams and Mt. Saint Helens. Teasing in and out of the clouds in the north, Mount Baker and Glacier Peak. And receding eastward were foothills that in any other place would be called mountains.

Together we hiked. Ate ice cream bars. Sat on a cliff and stared amazed at the grandeur before us. Nothing more was needed. Nothing more wanted. My heart became the mountain--a crystal bell ringing clear, ringing bright.

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