730 BELLS: Night Sisters

Last night I sat talking with one of my sisters in the wisteria arbor. For the first time since moving here, I lit candles in the lantern holders. We listened to the waterfall in the koi pond. Listened to the river, to the wind--all of them speaking the deep truth of the world.

After a golden moon rose, my sister spoke a terrible truth. One that needed to be said. One that I’d long felt, but hadn't been able to voice even to myself. And when she spoke the truth, the bells clanged me alive in sudden, sharp shock. I felt a wild joy because this terrible truth was finally spoken. 
Out into the world it went, joining the true night voices of the waterfall, river, and wind.

Yes, it was a terrible truth. But it wasn't terrible to speak the truth. It was courageous and right.

I’m not certain why this moment made me feel so alive. Perhaps it was because something buried was freed, and more, was shared with someone who felt the same way. Such moments come seldom, and only with someone to who you have a long, deep connection.

My gratitude goes out to all my sisters. May I be as courageous and strong as they are.

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