7:30 BELLS: When Light is the Seed

When I looked out my east bedroom window last week, the bird feeder shone like a bell full of light. Yet the bird feeder was empty of what it was supposed to hold—seeds.

And I thought this: You may think that some part of your heart, or spirit, or life is empty because it doesn’t hold what you expected it to hold. Or it doesn’t hold what those around you expected it to hold. But perhaps it’s only waiting for one bright morning to show you it is full—full to bursting—of some food you didn’t expect and never looked for.

Then you open your eyes to the revelation of what’s been overflowing inside you all along. To the revelation that the wild light feeds you more than any sanctioned seeds bought from a store. That the light is the seed.

All you had to do was look out your window on the right morning.

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