7:30 BELLS: Moon Over Metal Shed

Everything begins as a glimmer in the dark. All that’s needed is the spark, the light of some luminary—be it a celestial object like the moon, an idea, a startling image, or a numinous connection with our deeper self. Something comes forward from the unknown place.

I’ve trained for this. Part of myself is always watching now, always waiting for the spark. True, sometimes they come without watching—big blazing meteors across the sky. But what about the tiny sparks, you have to coax? The quieter, deeper ones, there and gone like dreams? Often the sparks I breath on gently, fan to flame, and feed, feed, feed, conflagrate into brighter, bluer fires than any flashy meteor.

Sometimes I’m simply walking out to the metal shed at ten p.m. to get a hammer. And then I see something like the moon shining on the metal shed and forget the hammer. Because I know some spark is arriving. Because I know I have only a moment to greet and make it welcome.

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