7:30 BELLS: Dwelling--The Birth of a New Novel

Dear 7:30 Bells Readers,

I wanted to let you know why there have been no new 7:30 BELLS posts for several weeks.  I've been writing all summer in a white hot heat, writing a new middle grade fantasy novel. The bells have been ringing and ringing for me as I write, so loud and sweet I can't hear anything else. Never before have I felt such joy or passion in writing a new book. I'm on the beam. I am the beam.

7:30 BELLS posts will resume. But for now, Social Media, networking, blogging is all sidelined. I'm focused on "connecting" -- my imagination, heart, and energy with this new work being born. This new work needs me to dwell and to dwell and to dwell with it. Nothing else matters.

I'm a writer first!