Incantare Sculpture

Artist Statement

In the past three hundred years our western worldview has become too based on rationalistic materialism. With my sculptures—archetypal images from mythology, fairy tales, and my own dreams, made from natural materials—I hope to encourage personal, transformative experiences of mystery. I call this body of work, Incantare Sculpture. Incantare is Italian for enchanted.

This work began four years ago in the forest when I picked up a mossy stick. I waved it in the air like a magic wand and carried it all the way home. And I think it was magic, because that stick changed my life. It became Eve, the prototype for my work. I’ve developed techniques to preserve and work with natural materials like moss, leaves, and lichen. Each sculpture is encased in a glass dome or acrylic box with a custom made base.

Fantasy and the symbolic unconscious fascinate me. I’ve published eight novels for children, most fantasy, with major publishers. I study Jungian Depth Psychology and use Active Imagination to work with dream images. My sculptures Black Madonna, The Green Shoe, and Hieros Gamos came from conversations between my conscious and unconscious minds.

The Grail has always been a symbol of the individual’s search for an authentic life. In Grail Dancer, this search is rendered as a dance, with all the verve of flamenco. My own authentic life, my role as an artist was revealed to me in the following dream: In a busy kitchen, I squeezed pomegranate seeds—symbol of the unconscious—into juice. I poured the juice into a pitcher and carried it outside, where I set up a stand like a child’s lemonade stand. I wanted to share that rich juice with passers by, to bring the darkness into the light.

And so I did. And so I am.

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