The Magic Cup


The Magic Cup: A Business Parable About a Leader, a Team, and the Power of Putting People and Values First

By Howard Behar, former president of Starbucks International. 

Co-written by Dia Calhoun and Lori Ann Grover

Forward  by Jeff Brotman, Co-founder and Chairman of Costco

"This book delivers! Howard's simple and relatable story shares a powerful message that should be read by everyone. The Magic Cup reminds us to give more than you take to find your true path to happiness."  --Wendy Collie, CEO, New Seasons Market

"This small but powerful book is full of magical advice: Be courageous, search for truth, and you will find great success in work and in your life." --John Mackety, Co-founder and Co-CEO, Whole Foods Market

"The Magic Cup is a fast-paced, Harry Potter--like thriller, an unforgettable parable about what leadership really is and what matters most, especially when times are tough. A truly great read!" --Susan Scott, CEO, Fierce Inc.

"The Magic Cup isn't about magic at all--it's about leading with values first and succeeding by doing the right thing at every turn. Everyone can learn fro this inspiring story." --Les Biller, retired Vice Chairman and COO, Wells Fargo







About The Magic Cup

Once upon a time, there was a CEO who based all his business decisions of universal values such as integrity, respect, courage, and truth. Do you think he and his company lived happily ever after?

We all love the fairy tales in which good always wins over evil, where those whose hearts are true and who do the right thing come out on top. But in today's complicated world, competition is rough--even cuthroat--and we've often heard that nice guys finish last.

Howard Behar, one of the three leaders who built the Starbucks organization, most definitely proves that nice guys finish first. In The Magic Cup, Behar spins and engaging corporate tale to teach use exactly how we can do the same thing in our companies and in our jobs, whether we are assistants or CEOs.

Vince Steadfast, the newly named CEO of imaginary manufacturer Verity Glassworks, is hired to help the once iconic company return to its former glory days, and he brings with him a parting gift from his mentor and former boss: a stunning crystal cup from Verity's halcyon days. The cup turns out to be magic--truly--and helps him understand and reinvigorate the values that Verity has misplaced along the way.

Behar has created an engrossing parable, one that helps each of us discover that only by acting o nsound moral principles can we fill our own cups with the personal and professional success and satisfaction we seek.