The Return of Light


The Return of Light: A Christmas Tale

Praise for The Return of Light from Foreward Magazine

"As renowned literary critic and editor Sol Stein  once said, the purpose of nonfiction is to impart information, but the purpose of fiction is to convey emotion. By this deceptively simple-sounding but all-important standard, The Return of Light succeeds brilliantly as a modern Christmas fable. . . . 

The Return of Light is destined to be a well-loved classic in many public and home libraries and would be a good selection for those readers seeking to teach their children the true meaning of Christmas."

-ForeWord Magazine


About The Return of Light

Every Winter, the magical Christmas Deer visits the Christmas Trees growing on Faith Mountain. "I promise that your life will bring The Return of Light to the humans," he says. Then he bows his head and touches each mature tree with his starry antlers.

One year, however, he pauses before Treewing, a fir tree who's too young to be harvested. The Christmas Deer touches him anyway, telling him that he has a special destiny.

Cut down and transported to a Christmas Tree lot in the city, Treewing waist anxiously for a happy family to guy him, take him home, and love him. But this doesn't happen, and after all the other trees have found homes, he's left all alone.

A last, on Christmas Eve, the friendship of a young boy, a precious baseball, and a group of homeless people help Treewing understand his special role in bringing the Return of Light to those who need it most.