The Phoenix Dance


The Phoenix Dance

A New York Public Library Book for the Teen Age



About The Phoenix Dance

On the island of Faranor in the kingdom of Windward, twelve princesses dance their shoes to shreds each night. No one knows why. Not the king and queen, not the knights, lords, or ladies-in-waiting. When the queen blames the royal shoemaker, his apprentice Phoenix Dance puts her life at risk to solve the mystery. She braves magic spells, dragons, evil wizards, and the treachery of the princesses themselves. As Phoenix faces these dangers, she finds herself caught in her own dangerous dance inside herself--a dance of darkness and light, a dance that presents her with the greatest challenge of her life.

This captivating companion to the author's other Windward adventure, Aria of the Sea, weaves a retelling of Grimm's fairy tale of the Twelve Dancing Princesses with the tale of an imaginative young woman's struggle to understand an unpredicatble, and sometimes overwhelming, part of herself.