I am doubly dazzled today. First, by acclaimed author Frances O'Roark Dowell's praise for After the River the Sun, my forthcoming companion novel to Eva of the Farm. O'Roark Dowell, the author of Chicken Boy and The Second Life of Abigail Walker, wrote:

In After the River the Sun, Dia Calhoun has written a quietly powerful story of a boy who steps out of a fantasy world of knights and monsters into a real-life quest for family and home. Calhoun deals with loss, healing and friendship in language that is both direct and lyrical, making every page of this marvelous book a pleasure to read.
       --Frances O’Roark Dowell

Second, I am dazzled by the cover for After the River the Sun, illustrated by Kate Slater, designed by Sonia Chaghatzbanian, and shepherded by the ever-patient, ever-watchful Ariel Colletti.

Thanks to everyone for making this book so beautiful. I can't wait until it finds its way into the world this July.