7:30 Bells: Tuning Your Eye: A Wood Knot Becomes a Rose

On Saturday, I walked through Point Defiance Park on a glorious, almost spring day. I was searching for twisted and knotted sticks for a project.  Although I saw trees and hikers and even an eagle, my attention was on the search.

And then on the finding.

I’d pick up a stick, turn it this way and that, searching for what it might show me. One piece, a madrona branch, had  gorgeous gnarled knots. Marveling at its beauty, wonder struck me: the gnarled knots looked like roses—black roses. That’s when the bells began to ring—from possibility, from seeing in a new way, from the firing of imagination.

What I look for as I walk through the world, changes what I will see. This is true whether I’m looking for a stick, or for kindness, or for beauty.  Some call it synchronicity. I call it tuning my eye.

LORE OF THE BELL: Tune your eye and you will change how you see the world.