7:30 BELLS: An Abundance of Blossoms

A carpet of pink blossoms—definitely a magic carpet—appeared before me on a walk this week. Here, in my own neighborhood, I suddenly found myself glimpsing a magical realm. But I hesitated to enter it, fearing to disturb the beautiful path.

But the glorious blossom path beckoned. It seemed to whisper: Beauty is meant to be experienced. Be willing to step fully into the world. Don't let the world be so precious, you’re afraid to live in it.

As a writer, I understand this. I have to be willing to step into the world of my novel, to experience it--even if that means crushing a few petals underfoot. My work can’t be so precious that I fear to cut and edit. I must trust that I can rewrite and re-imagine. I can make more beauty. The world can make more—and it does, every spring. There is an abundance of blossoms.

So I walked down the pink blossom path with wonder, with joy, and with faith that the very act of walking down it would lead me to worlds more beautiful, and more magical, still. And I heard the bells ring—a chime on the wind as delicate as the blossoms themselves.

Embrace the abundance of beauty and the bells will ring.

Dia CalhounComment