7:30 BELLS How are You Danced by Unseen Currents?

Just as resonance lingers, my thoughts are lingering on last week’s 7:30 Bells post. I wrote that I want what I create to resonate on in the heart—like the loon’s call. But, although it’s lovely for other people to hear my call, I believe it’s more important to call than to be heard.  Writing a story or poem—or blog post—is more important than having it read by others.

This brings me to lily pads. During our vacation (where I heard the loons), I spent an afternoon up at Rock Lake, mesmerized by lily pads with tight yellow buds. The afternoon was still. But sometimes the lily pads danced, stirred by a deep-swimming fish or lifted by  breeze. The lily pads danced to unseen currents—unseen by the eye anyway. They resonated with the world that surrounded them, yet remain tethered to the lake bottom. I love this combination of being grounded and yet responsive to the world.
How are you danced by unseen currents?

Stay grounded while resonating with the world,
and the bells will ring.