7:30 BELLS: Guest Post by Author Lorie Ann Grover

To find new insights on how to hear the bells ring and how to feel alive in your life, I will begin offering occasional guest posts for 7:30 BELLS. I am so honored to offer the first one today below--by noted author Lorie Ann Grover. 

Dia was kind to offer me a moment to share when I hear the bells ringing. One treasured time is when the echo of the past resonates into the present. My youngest daughter recently married and the bells rang gloriously!
When I saw my husband walking my daughter down the aisle, I heard the echo of my dress slipping down the aisle as I stepped to reach his side. While he stepped beside our daughter, I heard the echo of his faithful footsteps beside me for 28 years. When she leaned on his shoulder and kissed him, her entire childhood resonated between them before she reached with joy for her groom.

The bells ring with joy, a draught of sadness, and lasting hope. Whether on the grand scale of a wedding or in a quiet memory brought to light by a current catalyst, they ring. It’s likely they are always ringing, we need only to stop and listen.

May you hear the bells ringing today!

--Lorie Ann Grover
The bells are always ringing, if we only stop and listen.

Lorie Ann Grover is an author/illustrator who creates board books and young adult novels, including the awarded Loose Threads, Hold Me Tight, On Pointe, and Bedtime Kiss for Little Fish. Her fantasy, Firstborn, is being released by Blink, December, 2013.  
Lorie Ann is the co-founder of the literacy social media project, readergirlz, the recipient of the National Book Foundation’s Innovations in Reading Prize, as well as readertotz, a blog in celebration of board books. Learn more about Lorie Ann at