7:30 BELLS: At the End of Wilderness--New Bells

Hearing author Jane Kirkpatrick speak at PNBA (The Pacific Northwest Bookseller's
Conference) inspired new insights on the bells. Kirkpatrick said that after bad news--an accident, diagnosis, loss of a friendship, loved one, or beloved place--we long to go back to life as it was. In my terms--we want the bells to ring as they did before.

But they don't. And we can't. Our life becomes about how we move through the "wilderness state"--the unknown that our life has become, usually against our will. 

So I wonder. If the bells can't ring the old melody, can they ring a new one? Finding the new melody is the process of moving through the wilderness--clanging discord, false starts, and sudden stops--before we find a new melody that makes us feel alive again.

Move through the wilderness to find a new melody