7:30 BELLS: When Falling is Mighty

We’re all afraid to fall. Falling is linked with failure, as in “a fall from grace,” or “how the mighty have fallen.” But standing before this waterfall near Mount Rainier brought new ideas about falling.

Falling makes this waterfall beautiful. Falling water plunging in torrents of grace. Falling water wearing away the very rock that brings about its fall. And who could say a waterfall isn’t mighty? It pounds, roars, rushes. And, as this next picture shows, falling water goes somewhere. Through this canyon it streams, then bends beyond my puny sight.

So I need to trust in falling, in fallowness, in what lies ahead that is impossible to foresee. I need to let my fixation on a pre-determined destination be silenced by the roar and grace and might of falling—and open my heart to whatever waits around the bend.
Fall in might and grace, 
toward the bells ringing around the bend.