7:30 BELLS: The Best of the Bells

In THE BEST OF THE BELLS,  I feature the most popular 7:30 Bells posts from the past. This one originally ran on 2/26/13.

7:30 Bells: What Makes You Come Alive?

This weekend I visited a real Enchanted Forest--the Hoh Rainforest in the Olympic National Park in Washington where my husband and I celebrated our 23rd anniversary.  Walking through the Hall of Moss with its immense trees, I felt the same as when I’d watched the swallows in Siena fly around the Dumo. Here again, though in a different way, the ancient—the immense old trees—joined with the ephemeral—the red maple leaves. Here again, this joining of the ancient and the ephemeral made me feel as though I were standing in the Forever Now.

Something about this makes me come alive, makes the bells ring—this time in my own backyard. Now I know. What makes you come alive?

Listen and watch for what makes you come alive.

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