Poetry Friday Valentine: My Grandfather's Poem to his Wife Drusilla

With Poetry Friday falling on Valentine's Day, I want to share a poem my grandfather, Bryan Calhoun wrote for his wife Drusilla Jane on their fortieth wedding anniversary. I am proud to come from a long line of poets. My great-grandmother, Bryan's mother Clara Calhoun, was a poet, too.


'Tis forty years this morning
Since you became my bride,
Down life's winding pathway
We've traveled side by side.

You gave me joy and comfort,
You banished all my fears,
I thank you, oh m' darling
For all those glorious years.

To me you step as spritely
As you did when first we met,
That long gone day on the mail box
Is a memory I won't forget.

I loved you then m' darling
And I love you the same today,
I'll love you all the tomorrows
As we journey along life's way.

Kiss me once m' darling
And brush away the tears,
I thank you again m' darling
For those forty glorious years.

Bryan Calhoun