7:30 BELLS: The Bells of Finally Now

For two years, I’ve fostered a secret dream, an idea for a new art form I want to create. Previous professional obligations and ongoing crises with my aged parents (91 and 87) have slowed me from exploring this new direction.

But they haven’t stopped me. In snatches of time, I gathered materials, tools, a work space, reference books--everything needed to take this new art form out for a trial spin.

The time is Finally Now. At last I’m making what I dreamed of making, giving this idea its chance in the light. Will it hold up in reality? Will I love doing it as much as I think I will?

I’d thought these two years of waiting were wasted, but the opposite is true. All my slow gathering, all my snatches of time, prepared me now to soar. And that I persisted through many obstacles tells me how much this means to me. So with great gladness I can tell you that the bells are ringing fiercely, joyfully—in the Finally Now.

Gather your dream in snatches of time
and the bells will ring

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