Fall Bells! Line-up of 7:30 BELLS Guest Posts for Fall 2014.

I'm delight to announce the Fall Bells--writers who will share what makes them ring, resonate, and feel alive in 7:30 BELLS Guest Posts on the second Tuesday of each month this fall.

September Bell: Justina Chen 

Award-winning YA author of five books, 
strategista, speechwriter, and storyteller,
Justina Chen's newest novel, A BLIND SPOT FOR BOYS,
is just out to terrific acclaim.

October Bell: Marc Calhoun

Marc Calhoun is the author of two books
 about twenty years exploring the Hebrides--
Exploring the Isles of the West: Skye and Tiree to the Outer Isles, 
and Exploring the Isles of the West:: Firth of Clyde to the Small Isles. 
(Published by The Islands Book Trust)

November Bell: Martha Brockenbrough

Award-winning YA author, journalist and grammarian, 
Martha Brockenbrough's YA novel Devine Intervention 
is a rare cocktail of wild imagination, humor and heart.

Join us the second Tuesday of each month this fall
for these exciting writers' 7:30 BELLS Guest Posts.

7:30 BELLS Posts run every Tuesday.