7:30 BELLS: A Cup Overflowing With Trees

At my old house in Tacoma, I spent wonderful “creative drift” hours watching the cherry tree outside my bedroom window. Poems, ideas, and stories came to me there. So, now that I’m living on the Nisqually River, I wondered what kind of “creative drift” hours I’d have from my new bedroom window. The window frames Douglas fir trees. So far, with the exigencies of moving, there hasn’t been much time for creative anything.

But last night, I opened my eyes and saw my cup on the bedside table. The cup was black, silhouetted by the moonlight coming through the window. The fir trees were silhouetted too, a few branches swaying. This was the first full moon since we moved here.

As I watched, laying on my side, the trees seemed to be growing out of the cup. And I wondered. If I drank from my cup, would I drink in the trees? I’ve been so thirsty for trees, and now my cup, my life, overflows with them. What would happen if I drank trees?

And so I sat up. And so I drank.  Now let’s wait and see what happens. 

But already, I feel a little taller this morning.

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