7:30 BELLS: A Web of Art

Walking along the river path, I saw this spider web limned in sunlight. How perfect it is, suspended in mid air, the lines attaching it to the birch trees mere flashing silver filaments. How I’d love to create a piece of writing or art this shining, a piece where what is left out is integral to the beauty.

A web is a creation to catch something flying through the air. A story or a piece of art is also a creation to catch something flying, but through our minds.

I hold the hope to make something so beautiful, that someone passing by, who sees it in the right light, is caught. They look. Wonder. And then they go on, changed, carrying what caught them. Some shining silver filament they barely remember stays with them as they walk on down their path. Some faint ringing of the bells. In some small way, the story has become part of them. And they never see the world in quite the same way again.

I would like that so much--to pass along the ringing bells.

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