HAMMOCK QUEEN: Poetry Friday

Below is one of the poems that Eva writes in EVA OF THE FARM


In the hammock
I am a queen
in a swinging throne of string
borne by two tall knights--
the maple trees.

I toss dried corn
to my grateful subjects--
gray squirrels who peer
and chatter at me,
paying homage.

On my right stands
the boundary of my kingdom--
the tall deer fence.
Beyond it the wild world
of the canyon threatens--
riddled with dragons,
promises of shining treasure,
and perilous quests.

But here, 
on my side of the fence, is the Farm--
with rows of apple trees
lined up like soldiers.

Here, in a throne of string,
beside the wild world,
I sway,
stricken to the heart with earth and sky,
I belong to this, my apple kingdom.

Eva of the Farm