I'm thrilled that the first review of AFTER THE RIVER THE SUN 
(Atheneum, July 2013) is out!

"A boy draws on Arthurian legend to ease his grief in this companion verse novel to Eva of the Farm (2012)." 

"Having recently witnessed his parents’ deaths from a drowning accident, Eckhart Lyon is sent to live with his uncle Albert, one of his few living relatives, on a trial basis. A gaming expert, the boy is certain he’ll never enjoy his strange uncle’s rural home without modern technology, but he grows to appreciate helping his uncle rebuild his orchard and hanging out with Eva, from a neighboring property. Despite these brief, comforting moments, he struggles with unrelenting guilt, feelings of cowardice and a desire to make his uncle’s house a real home. Calhoun’s precise verse (“Suddenly the stars beating down / were too bright, / the river too loud”) make Eckhart’s anguish palpable. The boy soon likens himself to Sir Gawain, who proved his worth to his uncle, King Arthur, before becoming a knight. Eckhart’s quest for home and courage is a true test, as his uncle grapples with his own grief and despair and will not commit to Eckhart’s future. A sudden tragedy allows the boy to heed the call of bravery, show his knightly spirit and forge a new family.

"A quiet testament to readers who relish the beauty of language over action. (Verse novel. 9-12)"

Review Issue Date: June 15, 2013
Online Publish Date: May 22, 2013
Dia CalhounComment