7:30 BELLS: What Leaps Toward the Unknown

As night fell, this unexpected image caught my eye: a silhouetted dolphin (on a weather vane) rising from the trees into the sky. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen a dolphin leap from the trees.

I love this image. I love it because it exploded with meaning that resonated for me.

Usually dolphins leap from the sea, symbolically like something flashing into consciousness from the unconscious, unknown deeps. So what does it mean for a dolphin to leap from the trees into the sky? Some might say this is the proverbially “fish out of water.” But to me, it seemed like an evolution. 

That’s because, being an intuitive introvert, I filter everything I see through the subjective filter of my experience. Trees have become powerful symbols for me in the last year (for more on that see this earlier post).

Also, this dolphin perching on a weather vane suggests that the weather of my life, or the weather of the world, is giving the dolphin a chance to soar into a new and unknown element. Who knows what luminous experiences of life await a dolphin swimming through the stars?

Poems emerge from such suddenly apprehended, unexpected images. Think I’ll work on one now . . .

Oh, and do I even have to tell you that the bells are ringing?

Interpret unexpected images through the filter of your life, 
and the bells will ring.

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