The Library is Haunted!

I am pleased to celebrate publication of The Haunted Library: The Underground Ghosts, a new book by my fellow author and friend, Dori Hillestad Butler. And #10 in the series! I asked her: If you could haunt any library as a ghost, what library would you haunt and why? 

Dori Hillestad Butler replied:
If I ever do come back as a ghost, it probably will be to a library! Haha! The question is which one? At first I thought it was a toss up between the Library of Congress and the Central Branch of the Seattle Public Library, but the more I think about it the more the scale tips in favor of the Seattle Public Library. 

Sure, the Library of Congress is beautiful and it's got 32 million cataloged books. But the Seattle Public Library is one of "my" libraries. I'm there fairly often, working in the writer's room. It's also a really interesting building and I don't think I'd run out of reading material there. 

I think my haunting would entail entertaining children as the resident ghost (entertaining, not scaring!), freaking out (okay, scaring!) people who are rude to librarians, and helping aspiring writers who use the writer's room. I think I could be very happy spending eternity haunting the Seattle Public Library as the resident ghost. And as I established in my Haunted Library #10, it's POSSIBLE there's more beneath that building than people know. Only the ghosts know what's really beneath the Seattle Public Library . . . .

Dori Hillestad Butler lives up to her 2011 Edgar Award for Best Juvenile Mystery. I love that this book is linked to Underground Seattle, a very spooky place!