Dia Calhoun offers individual and small group coaching in creative writing for kids and adults. Sessions can be in person or via e-mail and Skype. Calhoun was a guest instructor at Seattle University. She has also taught at Cornish College of the Arts.

Letters of Recommendation for Dia Calhoun:

When I first began working with Dia Calhoun, I had the idea for a novel and a few scattered scenes. Through weekly edits and phone sessions, Dia helped me through the complex process of transforming my early vision into a cohesive story. Early on, Dia guided the creation of a chapter by chapter map outlining both the plot and character development. The map proved crucial in seeing how small scenes fit into the overall narrative arc.

When I struggled to find fresh words, Dia taught me tricks to get going again. We’d spend an hour picking through one paragraph, dissecting what worked, discarding what didn’t. Although Dia never told me what to write, a flood of new words often flowed after our conversations.

Writing is harder than I ever imagined. Dia helped the words find their way from my head and heart onto the page. With her gentle guidance and mentorship, the seed of a story has grown into an actual manuscript I can hold in my hands.

Not only did Dia help me write a book, she nurtured me as an artist. She gave me the confidence to say, “I am a writer.” Not only is she a mentor I respect, she is a caring human being who has become a dear friend.

I can’t imagine a greater gift.

Linnea Lentfer
Age 13

Dia Calhoun is a trustworthy, gentle and wise guide for anyone venturing into the world of words. She knows good writing requires risk and persistence, confidence and courage. With sensitivity and insight, Dia nurtured my daughter to dig deeper and write better. Linnea ended each weekly conversation animated and excited to travel around the next bend in her story. Through all the edits and outlines, Dia never lost sight of the creative process being more important than any finished product.

Dia Calhoun is more than a writing coach. She’s a caring and compassionate human who understands the courage required for young artists to put their hearts on the page.

Hank Lentfer
Linnea’s Papa


Dia Calhoun speaks on a variety of topics about writing and inspiration. Engagements have included: The American Library Association, The National Council of Teachers of English, International Reading Association, Teacher’s College at Columbia University, The University of Washington Extension Program, The Annual Pierce County Writing and Art Award Ceremony at Pacific Lutheran University, and many schools and libraries.

Bring Dia Calhoun to your book club, school, library, or young author's conference for an assembly, writing workshop, or day of writing workshops. Choose from the following programs:

Minding Your Dreams
This workshop explores how writers can work with their dreams to empower their imaginations and creativity, and deepen their understanding of symbol and metaphor. Calhoun calls on the work of Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, and James Hillman. This workshop can be aimed at either adults or children.

Story Steps for 4th-6th Grades
Have a great beginning for a story, then don't know what happens next? Find out with Story Steps.

Poetry Writing Workshop for 4th through 8th Grades

Fantasy Writing Workshop for 6th, 7th, and 8th Grades

Assembly Program
For upper elementary, middle school, and high school.

For more information or to schedule a visit, please contact Dia at

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